Biographical Data

Carmen-Francesca Banciu

Biographical Data

• Born in Lipova, Romania
• Grew up in Guttenbrunn, Lipova, Timisoara and Arad in Romania
• 1974-1980 -studied Church painting and attended college majoring in Foreign trade in Bucharest after completing her Abitur
• 1985 Publication ban in Romania after receiving the International Short Story Prize from the city of Arnsberg for the story Das strahlende Ghetto (The beaming Ghetto)
• 1990 co-editor of the journals: Contrapunct and Robinson in Bucharest
• 1991recepient of the DAAD Berlin Artist Program; has been since living in Berlin with her three children as a freelance author:
• She writes for the radio and newspapers
• leads creative writing seminars, creativity training seminars and a continuing education literary workshop for authors of Germany organized by the Literature Bureau and the city of Detmold and for the Vlotho European educational program
• leads creative writing seminars for Goethe Institute in Berlin for Autorinnen Forum in Rheinsberg and other organizations
• giving workshops and courses for creative writing and creativity at the Rutgers, State University N.J. for the Fall Semester 2004
• Creativity training and Creative Writing at Berkely University, CA.

Stipends, Prizes and Foreign Experience
• 1982 Winner of the Literature Prize of the Luceafärul, Bucharest Journal
• 1982 Winner of the International Short Story Prize of the city of Arnsberg, Germany
• 1985 Winner of the Student Jury Prize of The International Short Story Contest, Arnsberg, Germany
• 1990 Recipient of Salzburger Stipendium des Kulturministeriums, Österreich (Stipend of the Salzburg Cultural Ministry, Austria)
• 1991 Recipient of DAAD Artist Program Fellowship
• 1992 Recipient of Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung (Foundation of Prussian Maritime Commerce)
• 1993 Recipeint of Arbeitsstipendium des Berliner Senats für Kulturelle Angelegenheiten Berlin (Work Stipend of Berlin Senate for Cultural Affairs)
• 1994-1995 Recipient of The Anna Krueger Foundation/ Berlin College of Science
• 1996 Work Stipend for Berlin Authors
• 1998 Recipient of Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung (Foundation of Prussian Maritime Commerce)
• 1999 Work Stipend for Berlin Authors
• 1999 Recipient of Cultural Funds Stipend in Artist House in Ahrenshoop
• 2001 Recipient of Villa Waldberta Stipend in Feldafing (Munich Cultural Department)
• 2002-2003 Recipient of the Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung (Prussian Maritime Commerce) Stipend
• 2004 Craig-Kade Writer in Residence at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, USA
• 2005 Fellow of the Center for Comparative European Studies at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA
• 2005 April-June Stipend ArtOMI Ledig House International Artists’ Colony, New York
• 2007 GEDOK Award


• 1984 Manual de interbäri (prose), Editura Cartea Romaneasca Publishing House, Bucharest
• 1992 Windows in Flames (stories translated from Romanian into German by Ernest Wichner), Rotbuch Verlag, Berlin
• 1995 Filutek’s Handbook of Questions (prose, translated from Romanian into German by Georg Aescht), Rotbuch Verlag, Hamburg
• Since 1996: has been writing in the German language
• 1998 Vaterflucht (Flight from Father) (first novel writen in German), Volk und Welt Verlag, Berlin
• 1998 O zi fara presedinte (novel), Editura Fundatiei culturale romane Publishing House, Bucharest
• 2000 Ein Land voller Helden (A Land Full of Heroes) (novel), Verlag Ullstein, Berlin
• 2002 Excerpts from Vaterflucht published in the journal Les Temps Modernes, Paris
• 2002 Berlin ist mein Paris: Geschichten aus der Hauptstadt, (Berlin is My Paris: Stories from the Capital), Verlag Ullstein, Berlin
• 2003 Excerpts from Vaterflucht published in the journal LOGOS, New York
• 2003 Excerpts from Berlin is My Paris in the Journal Les Temps Modernes, Paris
• 2004 Radioplay for Deutschland Radio Berlin
• 2004 Exemplary Short Story for the Short story Project “Erzaehl mir was” Tagesspiegel 2004-2005
• 2005 Brooklyn Rail New York, The Beaming Ghetto
• 2005 Deborah – A Radioplay, LOGOS Journal, New York
• 2005 A Land Full of Heroes (Hoerbuch) Deutsche Blinden-Bibliothek, Marburg
• 2007 Das Lied der traurigen Mutter (Song of the sad mother) Rotbuchverlag
• 2007 Berlin ist mein Paris (Paperback edition Rotbuch)
• 2008 Vaterfluch (Paperback Rotbuch) coming in August

Texts Published in Anthologies

• 1991 Rumänien erzählt, (Romania Recounts) Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag,
• 1993 Um die Ecke gehen, (Going Around the Corner), Rotbuch Verlag,
• 1997 Warum heiraten?, (Why marry?), Klein Verlag, and Piper Taschenbuch, 1999
• 1997 Brüche und Übergänge, (Breakings and Crossings), Jovis Verlag,
• 1998Generatia 80 in proza scurta, Verlag Paralela 45, Pitesti 1998
• 1999 Europa erlesen, Chosen Europe, Wieser Verlag, Klagenfurt
• 2005 CD Short Story Project “A night at the Museum”
• 2006 Verbotene Vorte – Biblion publishing House
• 2006 The Third Shore. Women’s Fiction from East Central Europe, Northwestern University Press, IL. (Writing From an Unbound Europe)
• 2007 The Third Shore. – Brandon Books, Ireland/GB

Reading tours, Talks, Courses and Workshops
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Let land, Lithuania, France, Holland, Great Britain, Ireland
Readings in USA at: Cornelia Street Café New York, German House at NYU, NYU CECS, Romanian Cultural Institute New York, Rutgers Univ., NJ, Brandeis Univ., MA, Amherst Univ. MA, Goethe Institute Boston MA, Mansfield Univ. PA, Brynmawr College, PA, Lycoming College, PA, Bloomington Univ. IN, Berkeley Univ., CA, Univ. of Georgia (Athens), Univ. of Chicago, IL., Loyola College Summer Seminar Berlin
2008: Romania, Germany, Hungary and Canada.

Next readingtours: Germany, Romania, Italy, USA


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